The corner profiles:

The aluminum corner profiles from Extent offer many advantages:

* give the piece of furniture great stability

* no slats, frameworks, nails

* no hinges and locks

* suitable for 18 mm carpentry panels

* so a huge selection at the well-known hardware stores

* matching sliding door rail

* perfect finish

* no rear panel required

The panels:

18 mm furniture board can be obtained cheaply at every hardware store in many variants.

The sliding doors:

Combined with the Extent corner profiles, sliding doors are the most ideal solution for your camper, caravan or boat:

* the doors do not take up space when opened.

* no hinges or closures.

* the sliding door rail extends into the Extent profiles.

* perfect finish because the doors also close into the Extent profiles.

* particularly easy to build.

Customized 6 mm trespa / HPL plates are usually ordered online as material for the doors.

Available in many colors.

Below some more videos about this system.


Another tip for the kitchen appliances:
A large kitchen unit, such as the SMEV 9222, fits in the Extent kitchen block
Nice but pricey. And if possible, cook outside, on a sturdy Campinggaz gas bottle (or 2) next to your seat. Very practical!
A manual pump (non-electric) and a stainless steel hot-water container as a sink have been chosen here.